I’m now in my third month of working with one of AVirtual’s dedicated virtual assistants and it’s amazing. Here’s my story:

The Service and My Assistant Natasha

My assistant’s name is Natasha. She lives in Cape Town and has worked as an executive assistant in London as well as an internet marketer. I told AVirtual what I was looking for and they paired us within 24 hours. We met the next day on a zoom call where we spent 30 minutes getting to know each other and outlining how we were going to work together. Natasha told me about some useful apps that we could use together, and explained all of the tech details like calendar and inbox sharing.

Natasha is highly skilled, but what I love about working with her is that I get access to the whole AVirtual team. For example, I needed a website page redesign and a PowerPoint presentation. These weren’t Natasha’s areas of expertise, but she managed the team at AVirtual to complete both tasks. Normally, this would have involved me finding two separate freelancers and managing them to do these small tasks, which is a real waste of my time. With Natasha it was as simple as sending the brief across and that was it.

Our relationship is also becoming more efficient the more we work together and develop a greater understanding for each other’s preferences. By the end of month two, I was able to hand over more and more tasks that carried greater responsibility.

All the Tasks She Executed for Me Last Month

When I was considering hiring a virtual assistant, the main issue I had was understanding what I could delegate. So for those of you stuck in the same dilemma, this is the list that I sent Natasha this month and she completed everything:

  • Research new online payment systems and provide comparison chart
  • Compile a report of the best air-mile program for my team including corporate credit cards
  • Research meeting ventures in London for February visit
  • Schedule a call with someone using my calendar availability (7 instances)
  • Restaurant reservations (4 instances)
  • Adding things to my calendar (4 instances) 
  • Find a tutorial on how to download SoundCloud files locally onto my IPhone
  • Book a Dr’s appointment within a date range given my preferred availability
  • Reschedule Dr.’s appointment
  • Organise new fibre optic installation at home
  • Find personal trainer and book 3 times a week
  • Compile top 5 books on strategy over the last 5 years and order one for each member of the manager team
  • Look into ways to reduce office supplies budget by 20%
  • Organise contacts, delete multiple contacts.
  • Move photos to online storage.
  • Find video editor to create movie of family iPhone clips
  • Organise annual retreat for Entrepreneur’s organisation
  • Look into part time Financial director companies, compile one page report on prices and services of the top three
  • Data Entry from photos into excel sheet (2 occasions) (I’d take a screenshot of unstructured data and ask Natasha to log it into a google spreadsheet so that I could sort and manipulate it).
  • Monthly expense report.
  • Research stand up desks for team, who wants it, costs etc.
  • Research best hotel restaurants for a family Christmas lunch for 18 adults and 4 children.

This is only part of what my money got me.

What I think is far more compelling is the additional value I was able to create for myself with a additional 25 hours of my time freed up each month. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have done all of these things if I didn’t have someone to delegate tasks to, but I would have done many of them. And I have to tell you, it has done wonders for my general peace of mind.

From our client Neil Finnie, Founder and CEO of Corkscrew.

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