You can put in all the work for a great product or service and builda top brand, but outstanding customer support will always be the factor that takes your small business to the next level. It is especially important to have your customer support management on lock from the start-up stages of your business. This will establish your brand as one that values its customer base from the get-go.

Many not be aware, but one of the core functions virtual assistants (VA) can offer is outsourced customer support. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a VA can give your small business’s customer support a serious boost.

Increased accountability

Having your customer support sit with a dedicated person means there is a greater sense of importance for the function, and as a result, there is increased ownership and accountability.

Compare this to a situation where you see to customer service management all on your own, or one where tasks are split amongst team members across the company. It’s so easy for queries to get lost and fall by the way side, frustrating already disgruntled customers along the way.

Streamlined support processes

Any virtual assistant worth its salt will come with a proven track record, including experience with best practices and smarter ways of working. By signing up to their services, you benefit from gaining those along with the person you’re hiring.

In no time a VA will introduce streamlined support processes, potentially incorporating tools and software best suited to your business needs. This will be a far cry from simply “making it up as you go along,” which is often the case in the small business hustle.

Customers notice when they’re valued

This is really what it all comes down to. You want your customers to feel seen and heard, and not like their queries are brushed off or simple added to a never-ending to-do list.

Remember, positive customer experiences increases the likelihood of repeat purchases. Even more valuable than that, is the chance to build your brand via its effective customer support touch points with customers. You can be assured that a virtual assistant will go the extra mile to make your clients feel valued.

Brand advocacy

Efficient customer service has the potential to turn an ordinary customer into a fervent unofficial brand advocate. But your customer support can only be efficient if it has someone like a virtual assistant dedicated to the task.

Often, people are so impressed with great customer service and that feeling of being valued mentioned above, that they shout it from the rooftops, and then some. You can’t put a price on a brand advocacy. If you maintain a certain level of support for your customers, then brand advocacy will be the gift that keeps on giving.

If your business doesn’t have the luxury of a fully-fledged customer support team, a virtual assistant could be the perfect alternative. You won’t have to commit to long-term employment, but your business can still enjoy the benefits of world-class customer service management.

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