We could give you an expansive list of the industries that would benefit from hiring a virtual assistant, but the truth is, virtual assistants are valuable in pretty much any industry. The core of what they’re there to do is – you guessed it – assist. And in most cases, what they assist with is vast and varied. One thing’s for sure, virtual assistants make the lives of entrepreneurs immeasurably easier by getting you organised, taking care of the admin, and so much more.

So, if you really want to know what industry you need to be in to hire a virtual assistant, let’s begin by taking a look at what virtual assistants do.


If your and your team’s days are filled with meetings, you’ll know what a nightmare scheduling can become. It’s ironic that this day-to-day task aimed at organising time, actually takes up so much time when you add all the little bits up.

An efficient virtual assistant will be adept at managing your calendar and your time in a way that optimises your day. In addition, not only does it free up a good portion of your daily activity, it also frees up some head space. No more accidental double bookings and scheduling clashes.


The goal of any business is to make money, and the only way to keep track of that is to have a constant handle on the bookkeeping. The thing is, bookkeeping doesn’t come naturally to everyone, nor is it something many enjoy doing.

As a small business, bookkeeping may be one of the primary tasks a virtual assistant will help out with. The admin that goes into doing this right can become cumbersome on top of the work of actually running a business. Yet, it’s too important to allow it to fall by the wayside. A virtual assistant can help manage budgets, keep track of expenses, and take care of business purchases and even payroll.

Inbox Management

We all know what a drag checking emails can be. One minute you’re logging on for the day, and the next thing you know, hours have passed and you’re still stuck in your inbox without a stitch of work done.
The dream of Inbox: 0 is attainable with a little help. Sure, a virtual assistant won’t be able to respond to all mails and messages on your behalf, but they will definitely be able to help you prioritise your inbox items to ensure a more efficient process.

Personal Assistance

You’d be forgiven for thinking that virtual assistance is restricted to work-related duties exclusively. Running and leading a business requires hard work and seemingly endless hours. So much so that you’ll no doubt require help with life in general. Getting help with personal tasks will no doubt play a role in boosting productivity.

Think tasks like booking vacations, finding a babysitter or nanny, coordinating moves, etc. Your life will dictate the kinds of tasks a virtual assistant can help you with.

These are just a few of the ways that virtual assistants can be of value, but the list has no end. You can gauge from these that hiring a virtual assistant knows no bounds in terms of industry. Regardless, they will save you time, energy and possibly money.

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