The nature of business is always changing, and for entrepreneurs, this is especially true. Markets change, your competitors switch tactics, and marketing platforms release algorithm updates just about every other day. This is certainly a lot to keep up with.

One change that has totally revolutionised the business world is remote working. It is now such a common phenomenon that several trends have developed since its initial popularity was spurred by Covid lockdowns. Here are the top remote working trends we are seeing that could impact your business.

Trend #1: Remote working is here to stay

The global pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns taught us many things. One thing we’ve learned for sure is that not only does remote working work, but it’s also an excellent strategy for businesses to follow.

Presently, around 66% of UK employees work mostly remotely. Before the pandemic, this figure was significantly lower. As a result, it’s fair to say that allowing employees to work from home is trending at the moment and it’s most likely here to say. According to a recent report, remote working is set to increase by 25% in 2023 alone.

Trend #2: More emphasis on employee wellbeing

What many of us discovered while working from home during the pandemic was that we had a better work-life balance in doing so. In fact, 52% of UK employees have reported having a healthier balance between work and their personal lives as a result of remote working and flexible hours.

This shift has shed some much-needed light on employee wellbeing. Another recent survey found that improving employee wellbeing over the next three years is one of the most important things that leaders will be attending to.

Covid has had a big impact on many of our lives, with plenty of employees struggling mentally and emotionally as a result. A larger focus on employee wellbeing, brought on by the pandemic, is a major business trend now.

Trend #3: International recruitment

As many companies are now fully remote, one of the benefits they are experiencing is being able to recruit from a global talent pool, rather than being limited to recruiting locally.

This means that companies now have access to skill sets and experience that may never have been possible before due to geographical constraints. Operating remotely means anyone in the world can work for your business.

At AVirtual, we experienced massive growth over the pandemic, and this was primarily due to companies going fully remote and seeing the value in recruiting virtual assistants and remote employees with extensive skills from other parts of the globe.

Trend #4: Outsourcing gains traction 

The realisation that operating remotely is actually great for business has prompted many entrepreneurs to investigate outsourcing as an option.

Often, there are tedious and time-consuming tasks that must be completed within a business – things like admin, bookkeeping, diary management, and the list goes on. But by being bogged down by these tasks, entrepreneurs and business owners lose out on valuable time that they could be spending on growing their businesses.

These tasks can be easily outsourced to remote employees and virtual assistants as they work remotely, and the flexibility involved often means they can work in any time zone too.

We’ve been a fully remote company since our inception, which was long before Covid knocked on our doors. And we’re over the moon that remote working has now become a global trend – it’s a model that truly works. If you’re interested in hiring a virtual assistant or remote employee to join your remote team, contact us via our website.

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