Work-life balance seems to be the topic of many conversations of late, with an emphasis being placed on achieving wellness and protecting our wellbeing while still being effective entrepreneurs and business owners.

Many have come to discover that maintaining a work-life balance is challenging, particularly for entrepreneurs who have so much on their plates simply by the nature of their work. But one thing we do know for sure is that practising a healthy work-life balance can provide a significant boost to your productivity in both your career and your personal life.

One of the best places to glean a new understanding of something we’re trying to get better at is to read about it. There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a good non-fiction how-to book that shares useful ideas and insight into a particular topic. However, we know it can be difficult to find the right books to add to your reading list. That’s why we’ve put together our top five new books on work-life balance for you to read in 2022.

The Work-Life Balance Myth: Rethinking Your Optimal Balance for Success


A work-life balance reading book


In this book, authored by executive coach David McNeff, a simple yet powerful concept of finding inner harmony is presented in an unusual way that has not yet been explored.

“All of us have Seven Slices in our lives: our Family Slice, our Professional Slice, our Personal Slice, our Physical Slice, our Intellectual Slice, our Emotional Slice, and our Spiritual Slice. These all need to be served in some fashion – and in serving them, they, in turn, serve us,” McNeff writes.

This Seven Slices method is something that McNeff puts into practice daily with his clients. The book examines two straight-forward facts: stress happens, it can’t be avoided, and your existence is so much more than simply work and life.

McNeff explains that, in the past, we have placed too much focus on the two general categories, work and life, and that there is so much more to us than this. Our lives are far more complex than these two areas and, with a little mindfulness, we can find balance in all Seven Slices.

Work-from-Home Hacks: 500+ Easy Ways to Get Organized, Stay Productive, and Maintain a Work-Life Balance While Working from Home!


A reading book


Writer Aja Frost has put together the ultimate guide to working from home all while achieving a work-life balance. Since the start of the pandemic and the advent of remote working, more and more people are finding themselves working from home and dealing with an entirely new challenge: creating a work-life balance when you spend most of your time at home.

While the perks from working from home are becoming more apparent, Frost shares some useful hacks and insights into being productive in this new situation as well as finding a work-life balance amidst the chaos.

From learning healthy habits that help you separate work from home, to handy tips on finding what background noise works for you, this book is the perfect guide to optimum productivity and balance while working from home.

Million Dollar Dads: Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice & Secrets for Mastering Work-Life Balance


A work-life balance reading book


Seven author-entrepreneur-dads have worked together to produce this impactful read on failure, building stronger businesses, changing their families’ lives, and pivoting towards a close to or above a $1 Million in revenue.

In this book, these entrepreneurs share their journeys and experiences in entrepreneurship and how they struggled to initiate a work-life balance all while juggling various responsibilities. They also explain how, despite their setbacks and failures, they were still able to build their careers and their businesses on an exponential scale.

If getting advice from a fellow entrepreneur who knows exactly the struggles you’re faced with when it comes to being a success and striking up a healthy work-life balance sounds appealing, this book is for you.

Unapologetic Work Life Balance: A Corporate Warrior’s Guide to Creating the Life You Love at Work and Home


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If you’re looking for a book that teaches you how to organise your life so that your work and personal life complement each other rather than compete with each other, this book, by Janine Graziano-Full, is perfect for you.

Graziano-Full writes candidly about how ‘corporate warriors’ often find themselves on the verge of burnout due to a lack of balance and a fulfilling life. She explains that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s how we manage our lives that will determine just how stressful those 24 hours are.

According to this author, you can have it all: you can be brilliant at work and still have time to treasure the precious moments in life.

Work-Passion-Life Balance: Finding Fulfilment Through Zones of Efficiency


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Author Dr Matthew Kolinski shares just how challenging it can be to find work-life balance and make room for personal fulfilment at the same time. It may sound close to impossible, but this physician, entrepreneur, and family man proves that it can be done.

Kolinski dives deep into his secrets for taking control of a demanding schedule and finding a deeper joy in the process. This book goes beyond the idea of just work-life balance and instead examines working with passion both in your career and personal life, and how this can enhance your overall quality of life.

He shares how you can take traditional work-life balance and inject passion into it too –something he calls ‘zones of efficiency,’. You’ll learn how to find enjoyment in every area of your life, providing you with balance and personal fulfilment.

If you’re interested in nabbing a copy of any of our top picks for yourself, they’re all available on Amazon. Happy reading!


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