Mr Bradshaw’s Background

Adrian Bradshaw is the founder and Managing Director of Flyer Group Media. We interviewed Adrian and asked him how AVirtual, or, perhaps more specifically his virtual assistant, Donna has made a difference in his life.

Job title

Founder and Managing Director of Flyer Group Media

Company Information

Mr Bradshaw established his company 23 years ago, in 1997. Flyer Group Media is based in East Anglia, in the United Kingdom. It is a publishing company, which specialises in publishing monthly community magazines. These magazines are delivered free of charge to homes and businesses in the UK counties, such as Suffolk, Essex, and Hertfordshire. 

Current projects

The company publishes 11 different magazines every month. This means a continuous stream of preparation of, printing, and distribution of work.

Adrian and AVirtual 

How long have you been using AVirtual’s services for? 

I have been using AVirtual for a few years.

Why did you choose a virtual assistant, instead of an in-office assistant?

Firstly, when I compared cost it was a no-brainer. 

Secondly, I didn’t have the time to invest in training someone

Finally, there is a lot of legislation in the UK which makes employing someone a complicated process. This way, I got to avoid these legal complexities as well as extensive training time.

What does your virtual assistant do for you?

  • Deals with customer
  • Liaises with existing advisors
  • Liaises with our customer base of around 400
  • All administrative duties


“Most importantly, Donna gives me a bit of my time and therefore my life back. She is outstanding.” 


Would you recommend AVirtual to others?

“The caliber of the staff at AVirtual is outstanding. The work ethic of my assistant is excellent. I have 100% confidence that when I ask her to do something, it will be done within the requested  time frame and to the standard which I require.”

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to hire a virtual assistant?

Use the technology available! The tech available today makes working with an assistant online as easy, if not easier than working with an in-office one.

Adrian mentioned Whatsapp, google docs and word online as being particularly useful


In the UK, hiring a virtual assistant not only relieves you of the extensive time and resources needed to train a virtual assistant but also exempts employers from the complex legislative complexities that come with hiring. Furthermore, Adrian is another client who has praised the “outstanding” caliber of our assistants.


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