You are ready to get back to the working world, maybe you worry about juggling work with the full-time job of being a new parent. Staying home during the first few months or maybe even years of your child’s life has been a blessing. You’ve been there for first words and first steps, but you could do with the extra income right now and you’re starting to explore your options.

Did you know that as a stay-at-home mum, you could have your own virtual assistant business up and running in no time? The model is so easy to launch it’s practically a “business in a box”.

The possibilities of a business in a box

The idea of having a business in a box allows you the flexibility of working remotely, without being bound to office hours or one specific work desk. As a virtual assistant, working from where you are comfortable will give you the opportunity to wear the ‘mum’ hat while earning a stable income.

Understanding the Partnership Program

AVirtual offers a Partnership Program where you have the resources to become a highly qualified, independent virtual PA. Building your business alongside the UK’s leading virtual PA brand means clients understand that your training is of the highest level and will identify you as a skilled assistant.

We have trained over 200 virtual assistants who are more than happy to have partnered with us. The perks of joining AVirtual include continuous growth and the ongoing support from the rest of the team, making it a pleasurable experience for all!

Why is our partnership for you?

The way you run the business is completely up to you and a blueprint on getting started is just one of the many ways the partnership can help you. Here are the other thumbs up reasons:

We provide cover for holiday, sickness and maternity leave. Large company benefits but without the corporate shackles.

When you can’t, someone else can. If you fall ill, you will be able to contact our client services team to delegate the important aspects of your work, so you don’t fall behind upon your return.

You don’t have to know everything. Experience is not a prerequisite of being a successful virtual assistant. The AVirtual Partnership Program provides full training and support to help you with finding your feet. This includes a 5-day onboarding session to assist you with getting your business in a box off the ground.

Save yourself time and money. The business world is competitive and your efficiency in getting tasks done to a deadline is what potential clients look for. It is easy to get lost in the details of running and scaling your business, which can result in some nasty surprises when pay day arrives.

Faster growth opportunity. Think you cannot manage your own team? Think again. You can go from working as little as 3 hours a day to managing your own team in no time.

Additional support

Not only do we offer training and access to a client service team, but we help you in growing your business from start-up to established – and we do this through ongoing support. To develop your online presence, the PrimePixels team of in-house digital marketers will assist you because we know that when people want solutions, they start online.

Having the drive to do this is all you need to book a consultation!

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Concerned that hiring a virtual assistant may be more bother than benefit?

You’re not alone, which is why we created an informative roadmap to help onboard you with your virtual assistant.

Download our free guide, ‘Getting Started with a Virtual Assistant’, that explains how best to take the virtual plunge and reap the productivity rewards to come.

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