About the Business Owner

Name: Louise Broom

Company: VeriSmart Consulting

Location:  Thirsk, United Kingdom

Website: www.verismartconsulting.com

What does your business do?  VeriSmart Consulting helps entrepreneurs develop robust business processes, systems and automation to grow every function of their business.

What is the most important thing to keep track of in business and why?  Monitoring of systems such as marketing, sales, operations and finance to make sure that key areas of the business are optimised.  This ensures that you are working effectively and help your business to scale without having to rely on continuous additional resources or higher volumes of sales.

What are the most common difficulties you face daily?  Handling volume during periods of unavailability.  Meeting or development time with our clients are the most important requirements of our business right now.  Having the peace of mind to know our VA is keeping an eye on the backend while we focus on what’s important is a tremendous reassurance.

Describe your company’s culture in three words.  Transparent.  Ambitious.  Innovative.

How would you describe your VA? Life changing!  Monya has brought an unparalleled level of efficiency and support to our business and our lives that would be difficult to go without.  Her sense of urgency, effective self-management and ability to make decisions has supported our business from strength to strength.

What are your top tips for delegating?  Challenge yourself daily to think, ‘do I need to do that or can I outsource it?’.  Keep your own focus on the areas of the business that you need to be involved and delegate everything else.

Why are you using AVirtual?  Before we started working with AVirtual, myself and my partner were doing everything in the business ourselves. We were answering the phone, replying to emails, writing blogs and doing social media. We were working until the early the hours of the morning and all this with a new baby!! Not only did this mean that tempers were frayed, but it meant the day to day tasks left no time for working ‘on’ our business. Decision making and strategic planning were virtually impossible. So, we took the plunge and signed up for the free trail. I thought I wouldn’t be very good at delegating, so initially, I only assigned tasks that I had already completed, so that I could check it was done right! Now we have outsourced all our group customer service and operations to AVirtual. Even though they are on the other side of the world, regular Skype calls means that our VA is a ‘real’ part of the team. Our stress levels have now completely reduced, as we know that things are being handled efficiently and professionally.  Emails are no longer getting missed, nor expensive mistakes being made.

What would you say to someone who is unsure about hiring a virtual personal assistant? I would recommend to anyone thinking about outsourcing some of their operations to take a free trial and see what a difference AVirtual can make. Having read books such as the 80/20 rule, life leverage and the four-hour work week, I understand the importance of concentrating on what I am good at and what generates income.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that our group turnover has more than doubled since we started working with AVirtual!

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