Starting a company that you are passionate about can be one of the most exciting ventures of your life. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems when you’re dreaming about it at night or imagining it throughout your day.

No, your first attempt at a startup is guaranteed to be complicated and will present hurdles that seem impossible to conquer.

Below are 7 challenges associated with starting your business and how AVirtual can help you solve them.

Finding your team

Finding the best team can be difficult. As a one person team, you will need to call on the skills of others. The first skills you may need will relate to your businesses financial status and what legalities are necessary to begin operations effectively. It can be expensive to hire full-time staff with the skills you require. The AVirtual team have all the skills and necessary experience to help you build your business.

Solutions provided by AVirtual

  • Financial administration.
  • Book keeping.
  • Data capturing.
  • Reporting.
  • Credit card recon.
  • Online purchasing assistance.
  • Database for researching legal requirements.


Startup business owners often make the mistake of spending large amounts of money on unjustified or outdated marketing techniques without any knowledge of their target audience.

Solutions provided by AVirtual

  • Expert social media marketing by our sister company Deeply.Social.
  • Social media account creation and management.
  • Keyword and target audience research.
  • Google PPC advertising and search engine optimisation.

Finding valuable customers

Competing with successful companies that provide a service/product like yours can make finding good customers extremely difficult.

Solutions provided by AVirtual

  • Keyword and target audience research.
  • Lead generation via LinkedIn and other platforms.
  • Screening and qualifying leads generated.
  • Sales conversion: Turning leads into paying customers.

Understanding competitors

Understanding your competitors allows you to better position your business. Without adequate knowledge of your competitors, you cannot accurately tell what makes your product/service unique. Furthermore, you need to understand the price point of your product/service to compete effectively in the market.

Solutions provided by AVirtual

  • Market research.
  • Competitor research.
  • Price analysis.
  • Finding new suppliers and collaborators.
  • Data analysis.
  • Industry trends and research.

Communication barrier

Your ideal target audience may be in a foreign country and thus speak a foreign language. Communicating your brand messages and product/service to them is your biggest challenge. Although you might be sitting on a gold mine, it might not exist by the time you bridge the language gap. Bilingual assistance is key.

Solutions provided by AVirtual

  • PA’s bilingual in Spanish, Italian, French, German and Swedish.
  • Multilingual PA service.
  • Translation services.

Work-life balance

Starting a business requires an enormous amount of commitment, time and willpower. Having to balance your passion for business with your social life [family, friend, the self] is one of the major challenges associated with startup owners. With pressure coming from all angles understanding and incorporating balance is key.

Solution provided by AVirtual

  • Understanding ‘work-life balance’.
  • Event planning and coordination.
  • Calendar and appointment management.
  • Business admin.
  • Travel booking [business and personal].
  • Family bookings [dinner, babysitters, holiday plans and more].

Going solo

Much of this final point encapsulates all the above problems and solutions. Although you may feel superhuman, driven and motivated, you are still human. You will have an exuberant energy and enthusiasm to succeed and this will carry on provided you have a strong team working with you. There are many challenges associated with startup’s. You are not alone, AVirtual’s services can help you along the road.

Solutions provided by AVirtual

  • Personal tasks.
  • Business admin.
  • Family tasks.
  • Financial admin.
  • HR and payroll.
  • Invoicing and debtors.
  • Social media.
  • Google paid and natural search.
  • New client generation.
  • Bilingual assistance.
  • Event planning and coordination.
  • Research.

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