Hiring a reliable and skilled team of professionals is absolutely essential to business success. The more your company grows, the less time youll have to keep an eye on what your employees are doing. You need to trust them to do their job in your absence, to take the initiative when needed and to work with the same enthusiasm and passion that you have for the company. Recruitment isnt something that can be rushed and ultimately, it will need the business leaders input (after all, its your company and youll be the one working with that person), but your virtual assistant can certainly assist to make the process less laborious. Heres how your AVirtual assistant can help you hire the dream team:

Advertising a job vacancy

Our assistants all have a very high standard of professionalism and know exactly what it takes to be an outstanding employee (remember, theyve been through the rigorous AVirtual recruitment process and succeeded), which combined with great communication skills, qualifies them to write a killer job vacancy advertisement on your behalf. Of course, youre the one who really knows what youre looking for so be sure to supply your PA with a list of essential skills and experience, which they can type up into an advertisement for you to check, before they publish it onto relevant sites.

Finding potential candidates

Searching for potential candidates is a great way of guaranteeing youre approaching the right kind of person with the appropriate experience. The best resource for this tends to be LinkedIn as you can view the persons CV and contact them directly through the site.

We encourage all of our assistants at AVirtual to use LinkedIn regularly to grow their professional network. We train them on how to efficiently use the site and create an effective profile, so they all know what a good profile looks like and what makes a person stand out. You can ask your assistant to research and present you with a list of potential people to contact, rated according to their suitability to the job description.

Once youve selected your shortlist, your PA can start emailing the candidates on your behalf to see whether theyre interested in applying for the position.

The interview process

Your virtual assistant can hold initial Skype interviews to get a feel for the candidates in the first instance and to make sure youre not dealing with any time wasters. They can then report back to you with feedback so you can choose whom youd like to invite to the next round of interviews with either yourself or another member of your team.

If youd prefer to do the interviewing yourself, your assistant can set up times for calls or meetings to fit around your schedule. They will also ensure you are prepped for the interview with all the necessary background information on each candidate.



When youve found the right person, your PA can take over all of the administration and HR that comes with hiring an employee. This could include contracts, general questions and even training. Whilst your virtual assistant isnt an in-house member of your team and may not have the relevant qualifications for the job you’re hiring for, they will certainly be to introduce them to the company and ensure theyre set up to begin work with an email address and access to all the necessary files. This will significantly lessen the time it takes for your new employee to get settled into the company, allowing them to get properly started on the job almost straight away.

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