Choosing the right virtual assistant company can make the difference between a positive, transformative experience and a disappointing one. It’s essential to consider all the factors to ensure you get the best package for your requirements.

Offshore vs. Onshore

Culture, time differences and language are the first things you consider when selecting a VA company. There’s no point in hiring a virtual assistant who will be asleep during your working day or someone you’re unable to effectively communicate with, which is why people often look for assistants located in their own country. However, hiring an onshore virtual assistant isn’t normally as cost effective. That’s why AVirtual’s headquarters are in Cape Town, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and just two hours ahead of most of Europe. We all speak fluent English and many of our assistants have experience in big organisations across globe, but we can offer you great prices too.

Specialised vs. General

Virtual assistant companies may offer specialised services from team/cooperate PAs to individual assistance, social media gurus and content writers. Work out which area you need the most help in to make an informed selection or opt for a free trial of assistance so that you can experience the service first hand. At AVirtual we offer a complimentary 5 hour trial and employ an onsite team of professionals to help with almost everything you could require, but if there’s something particularly niche or technical, we can tap into our impressive, extended network of partner organisations to ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Cost vs. Quality

This is the big one, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to get the best price. Most virtual assistants work on a part time basis so that you only pay for the time actively spent on tasks. Our assistants are hand selected after a rigorous interview process and then trained up to our exceptionally high standards. We promise the best service at the lowest prices, with packages starting from just £135 a month and no fixed contracts.

Task-based vs. Dedicated Assistance

Task-based assistance is impersonal and lacks continuity, which can be a major drawback as you never know who will be working on your task. A dedicated assistant, on the hand, means you will be working with the same person everyday for however long you choose, which allows your PA to develop a deeper understanding of your company and the way you work and builds a greater level of trust. At AVirtual we put a huge amount of time and consideration into partnering our clients with exactly the right assistant to suit their needs and personality so that the experience is as positive and beneficial as possible. Even better, we provide you with a backup assistant, in case of illness or vacation, who is pre-trained to step in seamlessly if your primary VA is away.

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