Have you ever wished that you just had more hours in a day?

We live in a fast paced century, communications are instant, deadlines are fast approaching and we still want to do it all and get home in time to still have some time to enjoy your life. Many professionals are facing this problem when trying it have it all. There just isn’t enough time to excel at your job and still have a social life and a family and occasionally take a week off. Or is there?


Virtual Assistants are there to make your life simpler and easier, and most importantly to give you more time to do what matters most to you. Why sit booking flights or doing research when you could be coming up with your next biggest marketing strategy or to clear your mind to think of your next business idea. That is where a Virtual Assistant comes in. Now this sounds like a vague, new age term but a Virtual Assistant is much more than that. Firstly a Virtual Assistant is a real person, not a computer generated help machine. The term virtual just means they are not in your office, they are just working remotely, with no extra setup expense for you! You just pay them for the hours you will be saving. A Virtual Assistant is the easiest way to achieve work-life balance.

Some of the tasks you can delegate are:

  • Travel arrangements such as flights, hotels and even restaurant bookings
  • Database capture
  • Credit card reconciliations
  • Online purchasing
  • PowerPoint presentation preparation
  • Spreadsheet preparation
  • Managing your calendar, appointments, reminders etc.
  • Research (market research, research for client briefs, basically any research)
  • Document layout and design skills
  • Email correspondence and follow up, emailing on your behalf etc.
  • Family admin (including finding a babysitter, researching schools, booking holidays etc.)

So once that is off your plate you can get back to the busy life you lead, just with a little more time on your hands.

So what’s stopping you from getting balance in your life?

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